Teachers of Our School Attended the First Global Health System Research Proseminar

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World Health Organization organized the first global health system research proseminar in Monteux, Switzerland, November 16th to 19th 2010. 1200 scholars specialized in policy and management of health research from over one hundred countries attended the pageant. Professor Lan Yao from School of Medical Hygiene Management sponsored by WHO was invited to give lecture of “Monitoring and evaluation China’s health reforms” in this proseminar. Together with, Associate Professor Li Xiang sponsored by CMB, whose disquisition abstract “Analysis on Capitation payment in Qianjiang district, Chongqing, China” was used by the conference.

The theme of the conference is "Promoting full coverage of health services". By providing scientific evidence from the aspects as financing, manpower, services, technology, health information and management of the health system, will hopefully enable the decision-makers to lay down relevant decisions to improve universal coverage of health care service.

The specific objectives of the meeting are as follows: first to share the newest research progress of universal coverage of health services; second to formulate global key research agenda accelerating the process towards universal coverage of health service; third to promote further research collaboration among different disciplines, departments and countries; fourth to promote scientific in the field of health system research, including concept, framework, measures and methodolody; fifth to strengthen mechanism of health system research ability (of individuals, organizations and infrastructure),, especially in low and middle income countries.

The conference marks that global health system research are now riveting on study of health management and decision-making rather than paying attention to clinical study. Speeches and discussions were launched by which scholars from different countries exchanged ideas and the universal spread of health service was promoted. It was the first time for our school to attend an international conference with the support of CMB after we became one of the CMB support units. This conference offered an opportunity for our scholars to broaden our horizons and to strengthen communications with foreign scholars and institutions. It inspires our scholars to submit more papers to international conferences and to attend international conferences via diverse channels. All these efforts will contribute to the internationalization of school-running and gear the scientific research and education to international conventions.