The 6th national symposium for sustainable medical informatics education is grandly held in Tongji

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The 6th national symposium for sustainable medical informatics education was being held in Tongji on August 9th, supported by China Medical Board Medical Informatics Branch and undertaken by the education group and SMHM. In this symposium peers from all over the country discussed about “Reform and Innovation in Medical Informatics Education during the 12th-five –year National Planning Period”, to find out the challenges we faced and solutions that may meet our requirement.

This symposium Proceeded under the host of the vice dean of SMHM, Professor Feng Zhan-chun, with the attendance of the director of the Academic Committee- -Professor. Gong Fei-li and the dean of SMHM—Professor Zhang Liang, who addressed the salutatory in order in the representative of Tongji and SMHM. Later, the chief committee member of the medical informatics group of China Medical Board / director of the institute of Medical Informatics Research of China Academy of Medical Sciences— Professor. Dai Tao expressed his warm gratitude to the conference organizers. Also, Professor Wang Ru-kuan, the former chief committee member of the medical informatics group of China Medical Board, Professor. Hu Chang-ping, the Doctoral Tutor of Information Management College of Wuhan University, and Ms. Liu Wen-jun, the Secretary-General of medical informatics group attended the meeting. Besides, over 50 representatives from over 33 departments including educational and researching institutions even hospital libraries as well as the whole faculty in SMHM showed up in the meeting.

In the morning, Professor Dai, Professor Wang, and Professor Hu successfully delivered the reports focused separately on “Development and Thoughts on Medical Informatics”, “Perspectives on Strategy Research”, and “Intelligence Network Construction and Service Prosper in National Innovative Development”.

In the afternoon, 4 directors from Ji-lin University, HUST, Zhong-nan University, and China Medical University shared their Proceeding study results and researching framework of “Training Model of Accelerated Medical Informatics Graduate Degree”, “the Nowadays Situation and Progress in Users Health Information Techniques”, “Perspectives on Medical Informatics Sciences Theoretical System”, and “A Bibliometrics Report of Research Hotspots in Domestic Medical Informatics Undergraduates Education Institution”. Later, 6 other representatives such as Professor Zhang Xiao from Medical Informatics Department of Heibei Northern College and Director Liang Gang from Wuhan Medical Sciences Institute also fully talked and discussed about their own researching Progress. As the conference Proceeds, all the attendees exchanged their ideas about the cultivate goals, the teaching content, the employment demand and the tendency of the medical informatics education. In the end, the symposium sponsors and the organizers selected and awarded 10 excellent papers, with the hope to train more talents, promote the education innovation and prosper the sustainable development of medical informatics education.

By Zhang Shi-jin

Translated by Tang Wen-xi