A German professor was invited to teach international courses in our school of medicine and health management

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Professor Jens-Uwe Niehoff, an internationally renowned experts from Germany, was invited by the school of medicine and health management to teach international courses about "health policy and management" for the post-graduate students from Sept 14th to 23rd, 2011. This activity is designed to implement the policy of our university, to construct a series of high-standard, international post-graduate courses, realize the idea of "international education", improve the quality of the post-graduate education in our school, and integrate with the internationally frontier curriculum.

Professor Jens-Uwe-Niehoff, 64 years old now and born in Germany, has a high international influence. He was employed as the professor of Humboldt University Community Medicine University in 1989, served as Director of the Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology in 1991, and now he is the consultant of German social health insurance (DRG, long-term care), the chief executive officer of the Institute of Community Medicine (Mecklenburg region), and the visiting professor of the School of Public Health in University of California, Rand Corporation in Los Angeles, University of Berkeley in California, Institute of community Medicine in Karolinska Institute (Stockholm), Middlesex University in London, Antwerp international senior health Research Institute (Belgium), Institute of Sociology in Stockholm, University of Bath (UK), University of Illinois in Chicago, health management Research Center in University of Chicago, University of Hartford in Connecticut. His main research areas include children's growth and development, medical demography, public health, international health care systems, changes in the health care system, especially in the DRG analysis. He has already published more than 300 scientific publications including public health and health care management standards textbook. Professor Niehoff this time came to give the graduates of school of medicine and health management 24 study hours' wonderful teaching period and finally an academic report.

"Health policy and management", the first international course of the school of medicine and health management, was started in the morning of September 14th. Besides 40 post-graduate students, who major in this class this term, teachers, doctoral students, undergraduate students from inside and outside of the school are also attracted. After the welcoming speech from professor Zhangliang, the president of the school of medicine and health management, professor Niehoff started his class with the theme "The Allocation of Resources in Healthcare". From the international perspective, he told us the plan of health resource configuration, the balance among demand, supply and management in health system. With his broad horizon, fluent English, humorous talk, lively examples, professor Niehoff led all the students to a "world of health management. What is more, thanks to the discussions among the speech, it helped the students solve the problems and made the class much more lively and warmly. Professor Niehoff''s brilliant insights can always win waves of applause from the students. The students' English and thinking ability left a deep impression on him as well. In the end, he left his business card and hoped for a further communication.

In the following 8 days, professor Niehoff respectively talked about the availability and coverage of health services in Europe, the purchase and compensation of health services under international condition, the reform process of U.S. and German health service system, the international experience of health services supervision, the key reform of health management in Europe. He elaborated the outline and content of the health service system reform from the international perspective, introduced the development of health service system and the existed merits and demerits taking the typical countries as example, and discussed the goal and key point of the health service reform based on the population's health service needs.

All the students and teachers of the school of medicine and health management come to a consensus that, the international courses not only broaden their horizon, but also contribute to the improvement of the research and teaching level.

By Zhang Yan

Translated by Xu Zhi-yin