Professor Ma Jing and Dr. Yuanli Liu from Harvard University Gave a Academic Report to Their Mother School

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On the morning of July 5th, Associate Professor Ma Jing from School of Medicine of Harvard University with Prof. Dr. Yuanli Liu of Qsinghua University and Director of "Chinese Health Project" of Public Health College of Harvard University, have presented their academic reports on "the prevention of tumors: experience and challenge" and "trends in global health", which being held on the fourth floor of building number 2 of Tongji Medical College. The meeting presided by Professor Zhang Liang, Dean of The School of Social Medicine and Health Management ( SMHM ); the doctoral tutor Professor Wu Hanrong from Public Health College, expert in children's psychological development and mental health, also attended this meeting. At the same time, More than 200 teachers and graduate students from SMHM, the Public Health College, Wuhan University and other universities participated with greatest attention to the presentation of this two famous professors ‘ many years’ research results in the field of health. These academic exchange activities are also an important part of the doctor multidisciplinary innovation forum of SMHM.

First, Professor Ma Jing introduced the history and research frontier on tumor prevention. Her report presented from the introduction of the etiology of path of the chronic and non-infectious diseases, explore the risk factors within human’s control and their effects on disease prevention and treatment. Later, she took smoking and tobacco control as an example, introduced the United States of America 's perspective research with the largest number of participants named " the affects of Serum Se for the level of prevention and treatment of cancers ", and the related cohort study of the medical and nursing staff in her own laboratory. Finally, she concluded and pointed out: the tumor prevention lies in the change the human behaviors and control the factors within our control.”

Next, Professor Liu Yuanli predicted the six developmental trends in the health field of current world from a global perspective: the economic structure into good health, medical technology specialized, medical model multidimensional, medical services diversification, and medical system collaborative, and government and market cooperation. In the light of the above six trends, Professor Liu Yuanli combined our country's current medical and the health system reform practice and achievement, then put forward many of his unique insights, for example" to better transform social medical model into practice, the implementation of humane, personalized and sophisticated medical management mode", " Chinese medical system reform should take the Middle Road and must avoid extremes".

As soon as the report completed, all of participants, the teachers and students, raised their hands up to ask questions, referring to the problems from the reports content to the reality of China, then to the ideals and insists of their own. The two professors answered all the questions with humor and sparkles, winning the applause and laughter of the audience. Finally, Zhang Liang the Dean of School of Medicine and Health Management made a concluding statement, and affectionately praised the two professors as “scientists" and" futurist".

By wenxi Tang and Xun Gong

Translated by Dan Liu