The Academic Communication Meeting of Health Information Resources Research Center Was Successfully Held in Our School

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On November 26, 2011, the academic communication meeting of Health Information Resources Research Center was successfully held at the lecture hall in School of Socilal Medicines and Health Management, Tongji Medical College. Dean of the Health Information Resources Research Center Li Bin has chaired this meeting. To give the lectures, we have invited several experts as Hu Jianping, director of Information Standards Division, MOH; Xiao Xingzheng, deputy director of Hubei Health Information Center; Han Dehui, dean of IMS Health Information School and Lei Jing, senior consultant of IMS Health Information School. Professor Zhang Liang, Director of the School of Medicine and Health Management, and all the faculty members and students of Information Management Department participated in the meeting.

The academic communication meeting lasted for one day, in the morning session, Dean Han Dehui made ​​a report titled “The International Status and Development Trend of Medical Information Use”. He pointed out that we can effectively promote the health policy research and decision-making through the development of the health information industry. Then, Lei Jing shared with participants her idea on the new technology of medical information research and use with the participants; she also briefed the method of IMS consultancy and its advantage.

In the afternoon session, Director Hu Jianping made ​​a report titled “Health Information Standards System”, and he focused on the technical specifications of the residents' health card as an example in depth. And then, Deputy Director Xiao Xingzheng made ​​a report titled “The Construction and Prospects of Primary Health Care Information in Hubei Province”, he also communicated the development of Primary Health Care Information in Hubei Province with the participants.

Institutional participants of the meeting include government, business and academic institutions. It is a useful exploration of multiple perspectives for the health information use and the medical use and the medical institutions information construction. The academic meeting is beneficial for the students to deepen the understanding of the health information use and the medical institutions Information construction, also broaden their horizons.

Translated by Xiaoxi Xiang