Foreign experts give a 3-months lecture in School of Medical and Health Management

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From Sept.2011 to Nov.2011, Christopher Scarf , expert on Australia public and health service management, and his wife were invited to the School of Medical and Health Management (SMHM) for doing a three months period lecturing. The lectures contain reports, seminar and various forms of exchange and cooperation.

Dr Christopher Scarf, a famous Australia public health and health service management expert, commits to being as a consultant for global health service management for a long time. During the past decades of his professional research and practice, he has visited more than 20 countries around the world, worked as a manager in dozens of large comprehensive hospital or consulted for the public health service management, and long-term engaged in the research and consulting work coordinate with World Bank and World Health Organization.

During the period, Dr Scarf gave us three academic reports on "SCI paper writing skills"(October 12, 2011), "the Australian health service and financing"(November 8, 2011), "SCI thesis writing practice" (November 28, 2011) for Tongji Medical School and our teachers and students. In addition, he also took part in the "forum on 2011 public hospital reform and development” held by SMHM and gave us the project on "the experience on Australian public hospital service system" in the forum.

In addition, Dr Scarf and his wife, opened the weekly academic English seminar for all faculty and graduate students, and keep close contact with our teachers during the seminar. Hence both of them developed a lot of constructive cooperation on the project research and SCI thesis writing and so on.

The Dr Christopher Scarf's visit and short-term lecture was meaningful for our teachers and students to widen their vision, understand the progress of research and practice related to foreign public health management, and keep contact and communication with foreign well-known scholars.

Besides this, during the 3 months, Students and teachers expresss that they had learned more form them, and hope there are more chances to engage in. As a word, the more cooperations there will be , the more chances to expand the field of vision, to improve research ability, to help the students to realize the leaping development, and to help the college to move torward the world-class universities.