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Published Officially

From: School of Medicine and Health Management Released by: 2010-9-21


is edited by Professor Pengqian Fang from TJMU of HUST. It is the first textbook on social science research methods in the domestic medical area. It is published by People's Medical Publishing house, and it is of “the 11th Five-Year Plan” National level official textbook for regular higher education and “the 11th Five-Year Plan” official textbook of Ministry of Health.

could be divided into 3 parts or 21 chapters. The first part is the basis, which includes introduction, social science research method system and paradigm, the process of medical social science research, the design of medical social science research, medical social phenomenon measurement and indicators, and the application of medical social science achievement. The second part is the common methods, which introduces data collection methods, social survey methods, social survey techniques, data compilation, analysis methods of common qualitative data, statistical analysis of social survey data, and common synthetic evaluation methods. The third part is the subjects discussion and the methodologies on topics as below: health service research, health risk factors appraisal, quality of life assessment clinical economy, health policy analysis, hospital quality management, health projects appraisal, and medical psychological assessment.

This book could serve as the textbook for the relative majors in higher colleges, such as health care management, medical insurance, public health and so on, and the reference book for medical social science researchers and clinical medical faculty.