Teachers of \Our School Attended the WHO Training Course of Social Medical Insurance

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From: School of Medicine and Health Management Juyang Xiong releasing time : 2010-9-21


During September 7th to 17th 2010, “The 7th training course of social medical insurance” was held in Seoul, Korea. It’s a high-level international training course organized by WHO-WPR and NHIC, which caters to the researchers and decision makers on the social medical insurance in the developing countries. A number of 45 people from 23 countries and regions in the Westpac and African attended this course. Professor Lan Yao and Teacher Juyang Xiong selected by China national Ministry of Health attended this course. In the training course , Teacher Xiong introduced the background, the reform, the achievements and prospects of the social medical insurance in China to the participates on behalf of China.; Professor Yao expressed thanks to the Korea sponsor on behalf of all the participates.


After the training,Professor Yao and teacher Xiong said that they learnt a lot from such activities, and were looking forward to hold an academic report to all the teachers and students in our own school, which will concentrate on the subjects as social health insurance trends, the newest thoughts and international experiences on financing, payment, intendancy of medical insurance, and successful cases of social health insurance in South Korea., thus to enable our research of basic health care consistent with the international peers.